Lilian Simpson (Bernie Freeman)

Oh what a sweetheart, choosing this picture for me, thank you, it’s exactly how I want to be remembered, thank you so much.

Your heart is heavy, let me ease the burden. I’m OK, I miss you and our chats and closeness but I’m still there in your heart and thoughts and everyday life. I’ll still tell you off if you misbehave. She has such a kind, gentle way about her and a really soft laugh.

She’s dying to tell you about everyone who’s there with her – she says the easiest way if you can, is to imagine who she’s with and you’re right.

You still put something of hers on the tree, either her picture or a bauble that was hers. She loves being included – always has, always will.

Money never worried her even though there wasn’t a lot, she managed fine and so will you so stop worrying. Be sensible but have fun. She tells me travel is on the horizon for you next year and she says to say she can’t wait; she loves the idea of following you on your travels.

She’s very glad you are settled and happy now and is thankful you are in a good place too.

Merry Christmas my love

Mum XX