Joan Macro (Victoria Lee)

It’s been a long time,  she beams at me with her gorgeous smile –she loved the warmth of the sun when she could get it. She says she wasn’t a traditional Grandma, she was always too young for that and you are exactly the same. She says to remind you the dusting can wait, she sees that now and once you tidy it just needs doing all over again anyway. Spend time relaxing for a bit even 30 minutes every day would be good. You are a good girl and she’s so proud of you (even if you are a grown up now, she laughs). Remember to speak up and always say what you feel, never doubt your words. I feel that there is a wedding soon or has just been, well she’s loved it, every bit of it from start to finish. She sees you crying and wants you to dry your tears and know you’ll be OK. She promises and its not always what you want but it’s always what you need. Taking the good with the bad is all about the balance and your life is about to be balanced again. “Phew” she says and throws herself into her comfy chair. She mentions to sort your heating out – not sure if she means menopause or your home probably both :). Then she signs off with a big kiss X