Barry Muston (Linda Farnan)

You are just like your mother, putting everybody before you. You don’t need to do that do you! Let others take care of you for a change. Now I’m fine, its been a long time since you could talk to your old Dad but I’m fine, life goes on.

I feel very calm  at the end and can feel no pain at all, almost like I just stopped breathing almost even in my sleep, but definitely NO pain – he wants me to stress that to you ‘NO PAIN’. He says you feel like he missed out on so much but he says to tell you “I’ve got front row seats now and don’t miss anything at all.” Thank you for thinking about me every day well all the time. I love that you do and I’m glad I got to be your Dad.  Now get on with living some more, if you’re not happy make changes but talk about it, it’s the best thing you can do and I should know. God how I should know. Be at peace and enjoy life, for once you’re gone it’s all too late. Love you always Dad, see you at Dreamtime X (he means in your dreams because they are real he’s there, well his energy is)