Armen Kurdian (Linda Taylor)

Hello my love and my family. Well aren’t you all doing well. He feels peaceful yet heavy hearted, like he still wishes he could be living in this picture – this was good time/era for him. He was such a family man and misses them all so, so much. Proud, well proud isn’t a big enough word for what he feels. Love laughter, determination, togetherness, those were all the qualities he loved about life but he’s peaceful now and there’s less noise.

I feel he’s referring to a large family, then he laughs. He wants you to know a certain situation you are in right now is OK so please stop worrying and go with the flow as much as you can please. I feel the more I look at him the more I see that you look like him, his side of the family, he likes that. He says to give everyone, he means everyone, a great big hug from him and look after yourselves in this heat.  Travel he adds in – keep travelling, he loves travelling with you!

Thank you for everything and he hasn’t missed a thing, he promises, he’s always there, wherever you are, think of him.

Much Love Dad (and Nonna?) XXX