Lindsey Rowe (Sophie Rowe)

What a great picture to use, thank you lovely! My how you’ve grown. I know I left too soon, I know – but so did Princess Diana – she laughs.

Now I have been more present in your life than I would’ve been if I’d been alive. You talk to me (I hear you) you think about me (I know) and you include me in everything (I know I’m there).

Never doubt the love I had for you or your brother – I’m so glad the world kept turning for you – it was supposed to – what a beautiful smile you have , just like me. I’m sorry if I let you down , it was not my intention but never ever doubt that (she’s said this twice like she’s really trying to let you know and emphasise it) – come and see me again.

I miss you all but I get to see everyone you lose again so quite a reunion here – I know you have questions and when you’re ready you can book in and see Alice for an hour, I’ll be there – but when you are ready. Love you lots, all of you – see you soon Mum xx

P.S. I feel like she wants to talk about your wedding? It was or is special for her, as it should be x