Lola Palmer (Kerrie Iannelli)

“Here I am, raring to go, You’re all busy, I won’t keep you long”.

She doesn’t and never did want to be any trouble. She was such a kind, helpful, caring person who was so generous with her time and everything.

She’s smiling through her tears and yours. It’s not been an easy ride and all first’s are hard, she knows that. “Step by step, it’s all you can do and avoid confrontations”, she laughs. As she looks at this picture she laughs and says to say “look, I match the gravel”, but in all seriousness, “it’s a great photo, thank you”.

I feel like she and you have a million questions for each other. Just trust your gut. She will always help you and will always be there. She will give you as many signs as she can she promises but right now just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

“I love you, all of my love. Thank you for being my family”.

Mum x