Maria Aguirre (Loreto Hernandez)

Hello dear, well I guess I didn’t smile enough then. She says she didn’t like surprises and she could be a nervous person, hmm not fearful but just anxious at times. You can be exactly the same so stop it, it’s time you started speaking up – life is not a rehearsal and it’s for living, really living. Travel, explore, have “fun” then she says she gets to do all that with you because she knows she is never ever far from your heart, daily she ‘smiled’ at me. Thank you and thank you all for everything you did for her, her gratitude is huge and if she could give you the lotto numbers she would. Have a lovely summer, I get to stay cool she says and laughed.

Lots of love Nona or Nanna or maybe she’s with Nonna? Anyway lots of love XX