Lynne Preece (Megan Preece)


You look so like me, don’t think for one minute I haven’t noticed that. You’re amazing, I’m so proud of you, in spite of everything, you just keep going and going.

Exercise is really good for you, did you know that?, she laughs.

She mentions you are taking care of Dad and I think she means hers and yours and she smiles.

Don’t think she sits around all day because she doesn’t, you all keep her busy and she loves it. She loves the Grandkids and there’s a little girl who sees her, it’s lovely! There’s been weddings, funerals, birthdays, bar mitzvahs (she laughs), so many celebrations. What makes you think I’ve missed them? You included me in them all, I’m so grateful.

Yes I was too young but bright side, I get to look like that for eternity,

Lots of love Mum X

P.S. Never ever doubt that I’m with you, Happy Christmas (she made me look at the date, another Christmas to celebrate please)