Mable Wadsworth (Heather Henderson)

Good morning, she brightly says. She also loves I’m doing this on a Sunday morning for her. Her energy is amazing, she is so bright, bubbly, polite and wow, is she patient. You are exactly the same. She loves what you have done with her picture and she loves this picture. Thank you.

I feel that she met a lot of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and those who weren’t related but she loved them too. She lived a full life that was just right for her and she wants to thank everyone who was there for her through all the ups and downs. She’s looking forward to seeing you again one day.

She’s happy with her spirit family but feels she is always being called upon by her ‘alive (laughs) family’ too. So she loves being needed, thank you.

Don’t worry about anything. If we can survive 2 world wars, you can manage this. You’ll all be fine, don’t worry. The top will topple, they always do but the foundations are strong within people – do the right thing. Thank you for carrying on family traditions and I love all the weddings, I’m always there.

You know, dying is much easier than you think, it really is, once you accept the grief, that is.

I love the house, I watched the move (there’s been a few but you know what I mean). Oh, I could chat all day but this lovely lady does this for free ( this makes me smile as I write) and there are lots more waiting to talk to her too. Remember, when I’m in your thoughts and dreams, it’s real.

All my love to everybody XX

P.S. of course I’m with your Dad, husband, it was time.