Margaret Mary Mackley

Just poppin’ in to say Hi – you’ve been busy that’s good – well done – never give up, you do a great job. As always you are too busy but I’m really glad you are moving on – it’s time. I’m still watching, always watching, never miss a thing. Keep laughing, love to everyone for Christmas. I just had to pop in and say Hi! – It’s Christmas after all, love Mum x


If you get to connect with her, can you please ask her if Pete & l are doing the right thing?xx
“Hello Love, you don’t need me to say yes or no – you know what you’re doing and always have – you always make the right decisions – always. So, more death to deal with, you should have a degree by now in how to organise a funeral and she chuckles. Oh I’m better off here – no money worries, no groceries to buy, no too hot days and bushfires. You know you’re an amazing person – perfect? No way but that’s just how it should be, lots of room to make mistakes and learn”. It’s hard to keep tuned into her because she is still so new to this. “I promise I’ll talk again”. She asks you to take care and “be happy”, that’s all that matters really! Love Mum x
(She’s disappointed I’ve stopped writing 🙂 please keep talking to her, she hears you and smiles when you feel her around).