Maree Quin (Darryl Quin)

Hello my love, yes here I am, I thought I’d better otherwise you’d never give poor Alice a break – Lols. No you’re good really, I came through because I miss you, I miss our chats, your hands, our tea, nagging you…. I just miss my life. It wasn’t an easy life but it was a life and one I’m glad I got to share with you for the little bit of time I did share it.

Thanks for trying to keep going, I know it’s easier but yeah, I miss you. You need to get more sleep, stop falling asleep in front of the TV – that’s not restful, it’s just tiring. Please have a good Christmas, you are allowed you know, to keep living and enjoy life. I know how much you love me. Nothing will ever change that but please be sociable, for me OK.

So Merry Christmas to you all. I’m so proud and grateful to be remembered in all the ways you all do.

All my love