Margaret Hartley (Debbie McPeake)

Oh look, look, she picked me, thank you.

Well, isn’t this something, hello my love, how are you? I know, I know, up & down and up & down. You’re strong, you always were, you’re like my mother.

I’m so grateful for everything you did for me, so grateful. I’m not just talking about when I was older but all of my life. No matter what happened we always had each other and I’m so glad. So you’re going to be a Granny/Nana, you’ll love it when it happens, you’ll see.

Now, you had to stay positive & motivated, just keep doing, even little things everyday, not just for others but for yourself too. She shows me you will be travelling again soon and she’s coming with you this time.

I’m happy I’m with Dad and there’s plenty for me to do. I’m always trying to get  your attention. Butterflies, the big one’s, that’s me. Get the house finished off and keep living, it’s a long time for you ‘til we meet again but I’ll be here, always.

Love you so much

Mum XX