Margaret Turner (Joanne Turner)

Oh I love this photo, thank you for posting this one, it’s so me and I’m so glad that’s how you remember me. I really am, because that’s how I want to be remembered, light hearted, fun, able to breathe properly, free. I was a bit troubled yes, but it was up to me to fix it, no one could help me, it’s ok. Can you do me a favour please? Can you smile like this, you know you have my smile, you can light up a room when you do but you don’t do it enough, so come on now get smiling. Start with the little things, then the big things will follow. I’m a bit worried about your eating – can you take care of you please, you know it’s important – oh I don’t want this to end. I talk to you like this all the time, sometimes you listen sometimes you don’t but it’s OK, I still love you no matter what. She is suggesting her Mum is still alive or maybe with her but she wants you to know she has a mother figure with her and they laugh a lot. They sit and have a cuppa watching how all the families have grown and what they all do now. Someone needs to give up smoking like NOW she says!

Well you’ve got lots to do so I’ll go for now but you know I’m only a heartbeat away anyway. Look after those grandkids and she laughs.

Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (she doesn’t want the kisses to stop)