Margo Grewar (Darlene Sparrow)

Hello Alice, well I never, what a clever girl you are, thank you. I never knew that about you!

Tell my girls, I love them and that I can still see them all getting up to no good. Hi-jinks and she laughs a lovely soft chuckle. She loves her Grandchildren who are adults in their own right now. My husband is up and down but he’s OK and I know he’s being looked after. I never imagined I’d be gone first I really didn’t. I thought I had a bit left in me yet.

Tell Darlene her Grandma says hello and to keep up the good work. She’s proud of you all too believe it or not. You will be a Grandma yourself soon so you’ll see what she means. Look after that cough young lady and do not take your health for granted ever.

Keep talking to me, I’m always listening and I love it when you are all together and of course I’m still there. I like what you are doing/have done with my jewellery, thank you. Sorry I left so quickly but I didn’t really want a fuss, honest I didn’t.

Love you all and I’m in the stars shining on you always.