Marjorie House (Michelle Lindsey)

Oh my Michelle – Mich, hello, well you have done it hard haven’t you? I’m sorry I had to leave you but we both know it was for the best.

Do you know, to this day I didn’t know, truly what a beautiful daughter I had raised. I mean, you know I was always proud of you but well, you’ve done such amazing things and your ‘heart’ – well it’s like mine was, full and huge, well done. I just couldn’t be more proud.

You did so, so well at the end, thank you, I was fine. I was packing up to go on an amazing journey and you helped me pack. I had everything and everyone I needed, so thank you. I know there’s still stuff you want to let go of yet can’t. Well ‘what’s the rush, leave it for your kids’ and she laughs.

I tell you what, I’m so glad I got out before all the virus nonsense, it makes no sense really, it’s a lot of hype about very little but it shows the Government what control they actually do have doesn’t it?

I think I miss the hugs and chats the most and family (eye roll) get togethers – they are always OK in the end but the organising, well, you know.

I’d like you to keep planning the next 20 years my love and just focus on you and yours, you can’t help everybody now can you? Remember to look after you.

You know spiritually, now that’s the way to go isn’t it. You keep that up even more. I love watching you even when you doubt yourself, I just laugh and put my arm under your elbow and remind you – you can do it, come on now.

She keeps talking and making reference to a brother or your brother – she says they are a bother and not to bother, just do what “YOU” think, never mind anyone else, it’s OK.

Apparently there’s more babies on the way and she’s grinning, you’ll be surrounded, happy and exhausted all in the same breath.

She wants you to look after your physical health especially your breathing, if we can’t breathe we can’t function so look after yourself please – do what you are told. Hubby has to watch his back and left hip/waist. Massage him, deep tissue and then balance him even if he rolls his eyes.

She has to go now but never ever forget what she told you at the end and never doubt it. She is always, always right by your side.

All my love

Mum X

P.S. Happy moving, someone is moving home at last!