Martin Dugan (Merridy Dugan)

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a hello from me. You’ve kept me busy this year, I thought I was going to get a rest.

He’s not prepared to comment the kilt, he says I know too much. I love you like I loved no other but I couldn’t do it for me. I’m sorry if I let the boys down, I should’ve fought harder. But this message isn’t about regret, it’s about moving forward, now you can.

2022 can be your year, it’s started already. Let go of any fear, you know I’ve got your back, always have, always will.

He likes this photo because he feels he looks so well in it and his son looks so like him. He’s making me look out my window so that I can remind you there is a big world out there to explore, please enjoy every minute of it now that you can.

Merry Christmas, have a toast for me, I’ll be right beside you (missing it, he laughs).

Love to you all, M X

P.S. I’m always listening and I hear you, don’t ever stop talking to me.