Matilda Humphrey (Matilda Humphrey)

She wanted me to work out how old she was, she was 56 (my age) – so young!
She sees so much of herself in you but you do worry too much and you do think of others more than yourself which, she laughs, is exactly like her. She loves watching the next generation and how far life has come. Your life is far from over, keep focusing on what you can do please. See every road block as an opportunity to sit down and have a think. She loved tea and you do too.
Your Mum is happy and you need to know that. The ‘afterlife’ is exactly that – after life – it’s different, so keep doing your exercises, smelling the roses and patting yourself on the back. All the things you know you can do but don’t know how, she helps you with.
The child that got her name, her namesake is a very, very lucky child and very, very loved. She is around you because you are her family now and forever.
All my love to each and every one of you. XX