Maurice Brian Martin (Karen Martin)

He’s laughing at my broken pen but agrees it writes well.

Well what to say, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? You haven’t changed a bit have you? “Still grumpy ha, ha, ha”. I like this photo of myself, thank you. You know, you’ve never ever disappointed me, I’m so proud of how you always get yourself through, no matter what the situation. You are just like me. I’m sorry I had to leave so soon, I really am.

There’s a grandson that is very like him and he loves that. He’s glad life kept going but he feels all the love in your hearts for him. It’s been an interesting year but you’ve adapted and the rest of the 20’s will be good! I’m always on your shoulder, looking out for you.

Thank you for making me proud, I’ve so much to be grateful for and I am.

Love to you all Dad X