Maurice Pocock (Karen Pocock)

There’s a lot of fussing going on with you girls right now. That never solved anything, time to take a step back like I used to and sometimes you just have to wait. These things always have a way of working themselves out you know. So how about being patient and letting life takes its course, please?

Sort out all the legal stuff sooner rather than later, but just one day at a time. Now me, I’m good – I don’t miss the nagging and fussing (he laughs) but I do miss the company. You all seem to be doing just fine without me though so I’m glad for that.

Your Mum is OK, when it’s time, it’s time, just know you gave it your all and be happy with that please. I am also loving all the new great grandchildren, what a treat for everyone. All 3 of my girls have your work cut out for you and I couldn’t be prouder than I am. I’d like to be alive and help with the land and building but I had my turn but I’ll do my best to nudge you in all the right directions.

Have a very happy hot Christmas

Love to you all

Dad X