Coral Roberts (Melissa Giffiths)

Hello beautiful – I’m sorry I’ve taken so long I’ve had a lot to do – I’m very good and like my new surroundings and I don’t have to worry about getting older. She wants you to know she still wears all her jewellery and her lipstick and she laughs.

She makes e feel she had sons as well as a daughter and leaving her family was the second hardest thing she had to face.

Apparently some days you are so busy you are forgetting to remember to breathe – remember what happened  to her when she couldn’t breathe. So take some time out please, you deserve it you all do, make this Christmas one of my Christmases, just imagine I’m still there and do what I would do – ha ha ha – your gonna be ok, you are ok just remember to use the word “no” – you  need to use it sometimes ok! Keep talking to me I always hear you and answer the best I can just sometimes you choose not to listen – like old times eh! (more laughing) Take care my beautiful daughter, I’m sorry I’m not in the physical but I’m always in your heart you know that.