Jeffrey Devey (Melissa Jade)

Well first of all he is very peaceful, happy yes and no. He was so full of life he was sad he had to give it up but happy because he gets to do it all again without the pain this time, but he makes it very clear – he never complained – he did what he did- he got what he go, he had what he had and was grateful for it all. There is a bus load of people with him now and he loves it. He’s a real tour guide – ha ha ha –  he says to all his family, life is too short for complaining and moaning if you don’t like it change it. A change really is as good as a rest. So do something different this Christmas please – why do the same thing, nobody says you “have to” but you – so do something different on me! Blame me ha ha ha! Miss you everyday – till we meet again when you’re “OLD” and “GREY” ha ha ha XXX