Melva Russell (Sharon Russell)

Oh look, I’m getting a turn she laughs and laughs, it’s so busy here now, I’m busier here than I was there.

Well aren’t you all doing so well, it’s fantastic to watch everyone growing and moving forward, thank goodness. Now I know there is still some sorting out going on but it will all be organised soon, just stay positive. If you’re positive everyone around you will be positive. You’ve been worrying about your daughter‘s health and she said you’ve got to stop it, it’s all OK, it’s going to pass you’ll see.

It’s time to start planning 2019 and 2020 – where do you want to be, what holidays you want to take and what competitions you will be in. It goes bigger than New Zealand you know so don’t be scared, you’ve got all of us behind you so go for it. Australia is too big a draw card so don’t miss that.

There are more children/grandchildren on the way you’ll see. You can never have enough kids.

Love you and thank you for always acknowledging me, love Mum xxx 06/12/2018


All 3 in this photo have passed over. My Mum Melva born 21/04/1938 died 01/08/2007, Daniel born 03/10/1982 died 07/08/2009 and my Dad Maurice born 21/12/1936 died 27/03/2013.
Hi Sharon, this is from Daniel – ” Love you mum and look what you’ve done since I left ya, you are even more awesome, and actually I made you do it, you wouldn’t have tried so hard would you, ‘cmon be honest ‘ we all love you and miss you so much , thanks for putting us up on the glory wall just where we should be! Xxxx”

Feedback: Oh my goodness, getting a personal message from my son on this day means more than anyone could know. Thank you so much Alice. He’s a tricky wee bugger but I love this so much  xx

He’s not missing a thing Mum and you know that – why do u think everyone is doing so well?? Coz I’m constantly in their heads!! Thanks for a great day he says ‘miss you mum, your love every year blows me away ‘ this next year is really your year Mum ?? time for you to fly!! (He’s just told me to put this on my wall of Remembrance )so I will Sharon xx