Michael Watmore (Michelle Watmore))

There is too much to say, too much going on when I passed. My arms feel really heavy, almost held down, both of them. I feel very uncomfortable and I know passing over for Michael wasn’t easy. But as soon as he saw the sunlight again he knew he was free.

Life was life, he did some good stuff and some not good stuff but then don’t we all? He says he didn’t like having his picture taken but this is a cute one. He’s uncomfortable speaking his feelings out loud but if it helps you he’ll try.

I could’ve been a better brother, I did the best I could, you have all struggled since I died, I know and I’m sorry. I’m OK, of course I am, I just need you to believe I’m around more because I am. There’s a new baby he says, he watched him and he gives me the biggest smile, it feels like this baby is a boy and is a lot like him!

When you can please give everyone my love and also when you can, come talk to me privately OK! Love you all so, so much, M XX