Hadyn Fraser (Michelle Gallagher)

Well if this picture doesn’t say how mad I was – Oh and strong BTW!

What’s going on? He asks in a cool dude kinda way! He liked the ladies, and says yeah Ok I was a bit vain.

Way to young BUT only the good die young right. I feel like there was an accident connected with him and a bit of a shock, he says least you all remember me tho!

He was amazed and shell shocked at the number of people at his funeral – wow! Thank you to everyone.

He says “ I should’ve made an honest woman of you” to his partner and he laughs “she’ll kill me for that. He says you  need to STOP worrying, it won’t change a thing – life goes on in spite of worry and drama so give it up and live, really live. I feel like he has a niece who’s at high school maybe or a young girl, anyway she misses him so much – please tell her the feathers are from me he says (and her Grandma)

Right time to go I’m new to this – thanks Alice he says (he’s a good bloke) Love yas xx