Moidean Porter (Glynnis Porter)

He was the kind of man that attention to detail really mattered to him, he just told me I hadn’t lit my candle and he wanted the whole experience! He was confident, courageous and to the point. He was opinionated but everyone who knew him loved him. It was that courage that people warmed to.

Life was so quick, he can hardly believe it’s over, at the time it seems to go on and on but when you’ve gone it was a flash, no wonder so many souls come back, it is the best rollercoaster ever! So you have to keep enjoying it, you will be with him when your time is right and not a minute before. Keep living and looking after your veggies – he’s laughing, I’m wondering if he is toying with me? Maybe he was the gardener? There is definitely an ‘in joke’ there.

He misses your smile, how you light up a room when you walk into it. He asks you to keep trying, keep going, he’ll still walk beside you always. If you want to have a trip go, go, go – stop talking yourself out of it, just go. Life is a rollercoaster, just got to ride it – he’s laughing because that song is now in my head.

He smells nice, he likes that you still have his cologne and he’s grinning at you. OK so he says he’ll love you and leave you, yes again, but loving you is the easy part. Don’t underestimate how much grieving he has done too but right beside you is where he still is. So when you have fun he still has fun, till death us do part is not true in our case, always and forever. XXX