Rita Chammaa (Monique Burns)

Detail was very important to this lady. She liked things how she liked them not what others said or told her but how she liked them. I feel quite tired as I tune into her energy and she tells me that’s you too. You are working too hard, you’ll get old before your time. Where has your smile gone lately she asks? All the business when she passed and was ill is in the past you have to move forward “please” she says.

Yes she was too young to die you are right, way too young but not doing what you know you should won’t help you.

She drew my attention to the ‘R’ on her necklace in the picture – I feel like you have been wearing it or touch it every day at least and she loves this, it’s a big part of her letting you know she’s still around. She promises she won’t miss a thing, she gets to see everything, all you have to do is trust that and know when you think of her – she’s right there. She loves you all very, very much – yes even the brother! (yours hers or both) She smiles and asks me to tell you to imagine her touching your hand right now as you read this. She’s always there in the wind sun even the “tears” rain.  She is so, so proud of the person you are “oh” definitely but keep moving forward don’t get stuck on old emotions. Hope this helps all my love Mum Xx