Morell (Dick) Smith (Sue Philpott)

He’s cheeky, I’m multitasking and he’s asking me to focus – I love that he’s questioning me and patiently waiting his turn – what a kind man yet if he was right he was right, he never suffered fools gladly. He likes things to be organised, but organised by other people. He liked good food and had an amazing sense of smell, he’s coughing – I feel like his chest was a bit congested towards the end but I feel he always had chest issues throughout his life really.

He wants to be sure everyone is taken care of and that you are keeping your promises – he’s not alone up there, he’s with another man who feels like an uncle to you, brother to him. He’d like to be as busy as you, you are very organised and when things are not going to plan it’s because you’re not organised.

He’s been trying to kid me that he is Dick Smith, he’s got a great sense of humour and adventure. He’s saying there is a Grandson that takes after him. He says let the Grandson travel and see the world, it will be the best thing he’s ever done.

Now take care, maybe get something to boost your immune system a little. It’s going to be a long hot summer so keep your spirits up.

Miss you all and I still love being around you all Dad x

PS someone needs to get their blood pressure checked