Arch Stevenson (Natarsha Tregloan)

Oh he says, it’s my turn is it? OK, move over everybody, Dad coming through. What a lovely funny man he is, never wanted to be any bother. Hated hospitals, prodding, poking(he sounds a bit English) He was always interested in people, he loved to get to know people and was interested in their jobs etc.

Now you have all cried enough, it won’t bring me back, I’m OK. Of course I miss you but I’m doing really well. It’s always warm here – no worries about the cold here. He loves walking on the beach, a sandy beach so when you are there he’s right there with you.

Its all a bit of pest this dying thing but at least there is no end really, you’ll see one day. He mentions gorgeous grandchildren that are around who all know he’s there.

He’s just so contented now, not boring, he’s asked me to stress that, just content with his cycle of life.

Now go on have a great day and save a plate of supper  for me.

All my love forever to you all

Dad X