Nath Walmsley (Ness Walmsley)

Hey Mum, nice pic, I guess that’s me to a tee isn’t it? I’m pretty sure I was your favourite ( Ha Ha Ha, he can’t believe I write exactly what he says) I’m going to message you every Christmas if I can.

Life really is so fast, so fast. You are all just changing and life has been crazy. He makes me feel like someone’s moved house, he gives it the thumbs up.

Do you like the light show?? Of course it’s me, I’m trying to drive you nuts still. Thanks for talking to me every day, I hug you right back Mum, you really were the best.

Happy Christmas 2020, get some toilet paper (he’s laughing very loudly now).

Love you all XXXX


This energy is so faint (which may mean that he hasn’t been in spirit for long) but he wants to say Mum, Mum, Mum it’s OK, I made it, it’s OK. He’s bummed he’s missing Christmas so please make sure you don’t! You have to celebrate, we always do, you have to make too much food that we won’t eat, it’s tradition.

Sorry I’ve left, I know your heart is breaking, well everyone’s is, even mine but I made it. I’m safe and well, well as well as you can be. Remember ‘the firsts’ suck apparently, all of them suck but I will never ever be far away Mum.

Thanks for everything you’re doing for everyone. Now off you go, have a good cry in the bedroom then get the Christmas tree lights on. I’ll be back..…

Love you

Nate XX