Neville Spencer (Linda Reid)

He took his time agreeing to come through, I nearly moved on but he stopped me. There is so much emotion, so much sadness and regret. He is, of course, at peace but would prefer being peaceful in his human suit. My stomach feels a bit out of sorts, it’s such a shame someone so good went so young. Well, he says he was young. He says it’s polite to say ‘how’s your mum’ but he knows really.

Not a moment goes by when he doesn’t think of you or check in with you all, everyone is getting on with things just like he hoped, everyone is growing up, the family is getting bigger. Please remember he hasn’t really missed anything, everything is EXACTLY as it should be and for that he is grateful, really grateful.

Keep smiling but stop worrying, you’ll get wrinkles. He is so full of emotion, the love he has or had for you all is massive. Merry Christmas all my love Dad XXX