Mary Stroud (Nikki Stroud)

I’m doing this at 07.07am – 7 is the main number to spirit connection so I know this person was very spiritual.  She says she wanted to have patience so this message would come when you needed it not when you wanted it (bit like Nanny McPhee). I’m ok, you worry far too much – it’s no secret I didn’t want to leave you all but  my poor body was ready for the heap. Now, can you stop being so sad please “life is an adventure not a pain or an excuse to complain” nothing happens without good reason so keep up the positive talk please, it’s what will make you feel better. She says there are a few great grandchildren for her now so see she lives on, you keep telling them the stories I taught you! Oh and get yourself away on that holiday please, it’s time. She says you have jewellery belonging to her its time to re-model it rather than just look at it or not wear it because it’s not you. She will be with you no matter what you do with it she says you have a son – please don’t worry about him he’ll be fine she’ll make sure of that. Well I’d better go, stay in the light and keep up with your splendid journey – lots of love Nana X