Norma Wise (Helen Dalton)

Better late than never, sorry it’s taken me so long. I just love watching her (Alice) do this and I get so carried away with all the messages I forget to speak up. Anyway, you are doing well without me , yes we all miss each other but I’m grateful it’s easier and life goes on doesn’t it, the world just keeps on spinning.

There’s been a lot of change, everyone is maturing and she laughs. I was a good age, everyone wants to live longer but I did well. I love you and I’m so happy you still have things belonging to me that you actually use, thank you. I am real in your dreams, let everyone know that. Sadly you don’t always remember your dreams.

I love the wild birds, that’s when you really know I’m eavesdropping, she laughs. Your apparently a good Grandmother/Nana too and you’re passing on your wisdom now. She’s not alone and mentions Dad twice. I think it’s her Dad and then your Dad, this makes her really smile.

She is reminding you, you have her smile and yes she will look back in the mirror at you.

Happy Christmas

All my love Mum XX