Olive Chamberlain (Rhiannon Parkinson)

I feel like I know this lady – she looks so familiar to me!

She loves being here – loves, loves, loves it, she gets to nosey at everyone and see how it all works now.

I have a cancer feeling around her and oh so many people now and so many to thank and, and, and (she talks lots)

She loves the picture it’s perfect – well minus a few wrinkles and she laughs.

You’re doing OK you all are – yes family secrets and she laughs – she’s not giving anything away and laughs again. She’s happy, very happy and glad to be so mobile again, death was quick – it’s what she wanted and only those that mattered knew. You are to get your gallbladder tested, you might have stones – don’t get it out but just watch the food, plenty greens and she laughs again. She’s making me feel like she’s not got too much left to say but just is very happy hanging around you all the time. Bye lots of love xx