Olive Lister (Bianca Connelly

Oh what a lovely picture to put out there to the world. Thank you. She has the feeling of being a school teacher maybe but attention to detail was really important to her as was having fun. She’s not worried how she died, we all have to go sometime and it was sadly, her time but it’s all OK, she’ll get over it, in fact she has and she laughs a really lovely, silly laugh.

You haven’t been laughing a lot of late, she says, remember I’m always listening – you can come and tell me anything, anything, I’ll always be listening and trying my hardest to point you in the right direction. I’m feeling sleepy – I think she’s letting me know that you’re burning the late night oil. She says to please get some rest. You have a great new year coming up and you’ll need lots of energy for that, so please start taking it easy between now and then.

Please tell everyone, YES everyone, I said hello and I’m really grateful for all you did to help and support me. I miss you all but know we will all be together again.

Lots of Love Gran X

P.S. She says she loves ‘The Crown’ and ‘Outlander’ so whoever watches that, she sits with them always when it’s on – lots of laughing going on.