Pam Robertson (Sarah Price)

Hello and she smiles that huge smile of hers. She’s very, very grateful that you like this picture. She loves it, loved it then loves it still. Pam is a very, very organised lady and lately she’s been helping you too. She knows you know when she’s around and she give you lots of signs not just one but lots.

She’s with Grandpa, unfortunately she says and laughs, wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s sad  you’ve been sad lately. She wants you to know you have to stay focused otherwise everything is just too hard. Focus on what you can do rather than everything you can’t do. You will be fine, the road ahead of you is clear no more hurdles. (She’s showing me the yellow brick road) that led Dorothy exactly to where she needed to go, it was an amazing journey, her life and right now yours is just getting going and she laughs.

Happy Christmas and thank you for putting me here, I love it. I talk to you all everyday, lots of love Nana X