Patrice Maurice (Ed Maurice)

Look at those photographs, I love the hat but not my arms and I love how relaxed I am in the other one.

Well, where to start …. What an adventure!

Firstly I was too young, way too young to die, even saying die – yuk, she turns up her nose but I guess it happens to us all and then, well it’s another adventure entirely. I want to thank so many people for looking after me, I was so lucky and I’m so grateful – thank you.

To my daughter, oh how I miss us, you and me, catching up, putting the world to rights, saving our little corner of the world and I know you miss me. I hope this little Christmas message gives you just the lift you need. You are such an amazing girl – always were, always will be. I was so lucky to have you as my daughter. Thank you.

I feel like she’s left a son and husband behind too and wishes she could hug you all just one more time. She’s happy you are all doing what you are supposed to and she’s happy life goes on, because it has to. I’ll see you in your dreams; love to you all, Merry Christmas.

As for my lovely niece, thank you for putting me here too, I feel very spoilt. You were like another daughter to me and I loved watching you grow. Look after Mum and Dad won’t you? Make sure Mum doesn’t go crazy this Christmas, she needs to relax more!

I have a feeling someone is getting engaged or has just got engaged recently – she’s grinning with pride (hope this is not a spoiler alert). Merry Christmas XX