Patricia Chuter

She’s been wanting to contact you for a few days and I’ve only just sat down now. She made me look at her date of passing and it’s 3 years to the day! Is that not enough proof she walks with you every day.

Oh my love, you have been in a pickle! But it’s getting better now, you’re coming out the other side, I promise. I love your hair, it suits you much better now. I love sitting looking into the back garden and I feel so close to you when you’re out there, dead heading and getting stuck in. You know your garden is your happy place, so keep going out there when you feel flat.

There will be lots of grandchildren to love , you’re so very lucky my love. Isn’t Alex a big boy now , wow, so handsome, he’ll be OK you’ll see, don’t worry. Oh and isn’t your Dad funny, I’m so glad he’s getting on with his life, he’s young enough isn’t he? Lols. I could talk about everyone for hours but really, I just want to give you a hug Karen, you worry too much, you really do. Keep laughing lovely, it’s the only thing that really helps. Whomever it is that has really heavy periods, do tell them to get it checked out.

She says there’s a picture of you and her that she loves and you should put that up here on the Wall. Right O, she’s off to see Nan?

Love you so much Mum XX