Patricia Williamson (Lyn Williamson)

“Oh gosh, she’s picked me, I hope I get this right”.

Technology was not Mum’s friend but that’s OK. She did what she could and she laughs.

She feels like she’s not sure what to say and is quite overcome with emotion that I can actually hear her.

She tries so hard to let you all know she’s still looking after you all.

Quite a lot has changed since she died. (She doesn’t like that word, it always seemed so final but she was wrong)

You’ve been a bit unsettled of late and she wants you to know you are going to be OK. You all are. So please enjoy this Christmas doing what you want to do and get excited about the New Year! It will be a happy, prosperous one. Even a new baby too maybe (she winks at me).

Merry Christmas