Patricia Haythorpe (Caitlin Deakes)

Now, now, now, you stop those tears, I’m OK.

I got to where I needed to be. You have to stop thinking about suffering, I’m OK. I love you so much, you are such a special girl, I was so lucky to have you. I know you feel the same, of course I do.

You can still smell my air freshener – it’s a sign I’m around you.

I really want you to take good care of yourself, especially now I’m always watching! Yes I am so remember that. (She’s giving me a big smile).

She likes what you’ve done with the house and thanks you for it. Christmas has to be a happy time, it has to be for you to be around others, it’s not a time for you to be on your own please. Use some of my decorations, I know you love them.

I feel very close to your heart every day and I’m near you – I’m still learning the ropes but I met my Mum & Dad and (she has tears in her eyes) she’s telling you this to remind you that you will meet again and not to fear.

A change of job is a good idea, all the good ideas you have come from her (and she laughs). Also know she won’t miss a thing. Every big event in your life, she’ll be there watching.

Al the ‘firsts’ are the hardest but remember to always buy flowers on your birthday from her and on her birthday too – but put them up in your house for you to enjoy.

She’d love to be able to smile at you once more and give you one more hug. Look after yourself and thank you for being you and everything you did for me my entire life.

All my love, always

Mum X

P.S. Thank my friends too, I had such a lovely send-off. I was very honoured, it meant the world to me and thank you for making me look so good.