Patsy Heather Eathorne

Why wouldn’t I be OK you told me I would and I am, you talk to me every day and I still sit and listen, only sometimes you choose not to hear me because you miss me so much. So remember, as much as you all miss me I miss you all exactly the same, I am grieving here as you are there, but I like it here it’s never too hot just always nice and warm. I am in good company.  You worry too much, remember you are still alive and its good for you to be that way it’s what I want for you. She wants to say something about the flowers at her funeral, they were very pretty just right not too showy just right. A lot has happened in 9 years just think what you will have to share with me when you’re an old lady, if you are going to come talk to me chose your Medium wisely you know of a few but few can do me justice, you know what I mean. I  love you all and remember I hear you every day xxxx