Leila Nangle (Paula Prosenak)

She’s very excited to be remembered, very happy and very  free and so happy her family are doing so well. I mean all families have one that doesn’t play by the rules but he still loves him just the same. The family have grown so, so much and now she really gets to see everything and take it all on board. I feel like she was confused at the end and she says “I just wasn’t myself – sorry!” But I am now and I’m helping and loving you all so, so much. Thank you for thinking of me and putting me here, it’s right up my street. I love it. Tell everyone you know this is a great service (I’m thanking her for the plug haha)

Please go overseas again and again – she loves going with everyone who travels she looks out for them of COURSE!! Why wouldn’t she. OK gotta go, much love to you all X