Pauline Corry (Suzanne Corry)

Oh Alice, what a sweetheart you are to do this for us all and our families, thank you. Your Mum is “lovely”, she’s so kind, helpful, considerate, compassionate, she’s a real gem.

She’s watched you from afar and knows it’s not the same but at least she can still watch. There is so much to watch, always something going on. She asks that you please, don’t ignore the birds, listen to them, feed them. She can’t anymore so she’s asking you to, now your older.

You have her smile she says, it’s lovely, it makes her eyes feel with tears. Her family have expanded and gone on and it’s exactly what she wanted so she’s happy about it. You need some rest and a holiday before you change your job, so make sure you make the most of this break.

Merry Christmas, you are still my beautiful baby.

Lots of love, Your Mum X