Peter Clementson (Hayley Francis)

Oh he coughs, I don’t think I truly realised how lucky I was until I passed – well, well, well what a  lucky man I was and what a lucky good, loving life I had – not a moment goes by when I don’t give thanks for that. Now you need to start doing the same because all the worry in the world will not change anything or make things happen the way you want them to. He says to imagine every year of your life is like an advent calendar, each year, month, day, moment brings a different picture. Keep those pictures bright, colourful and always positive and you’ll not be disappointed again. He knows it was hard to lose him but he was tired, it was just (he sighs) my time.

Now it’s your time to live and live fully, if something isn’t working then change it.

He’s encouraging you to learn spiritual things – if you lead a spiritual life you will feel more connected to him and he can connect to you or at least you will know he is connected to you and it’s not your imagination.

He loves watching all his family decorate the Christmas trees and he says thank you for his wonderful send off, it was perfect. He blows a kiss to you all and wishes you all Merry Christmas XX