Peter MacKail (Felecity)

Hello love, told you I’d be back! You’ll never be rid of me. Love this photo, I’m so glad it’s your favourite, it’s mine too. He’s coughing a lot like he should’ve stopped smoking or maybe he is with his Dad who smoked too much or both. He’s such a trickster.

He loves what you have done to your home, loves it. It’s perfect, you’re a star! He misses his beer and just socialising and chatting but he doesn’t miss the depression. That was hard. Sometimes it wasn’t bad but it was enough to be annoying, then he laughs. He’s talking about building a wall? Don’t do it too high, keep it tidy he says.

There’s a daughter or niece he misses and wants her to know he’s always looking out for her and hasn’t missed her thing. He knows this will be a big surprise and he’s glad because you deserve a surprise. So here it is.

Thanks for everything you do. We all love you so much, he’s definitely not alone, he’s settled until you meet again. Lots of love Pete X