Phil Hogben (Sarah Corfield)

“Hello, thank you, thank you, this is a treat. I knew there was more to life than that. Wow and here I am, words in a strangers head. I was definitely too young, way too young. This is such a great picture of me. I’m at my happiest here. I miss you all. Not a day goes by when I wish you could hear me.  I haven’t missed a trick and you’re all cheeky buggers! I did my best”.

He feels like the life and soul of any party. He’s joking that heaven isn’t big enough for him. He wants to remind everyone that life’s too short to be disappointed or sad. Make the most of every day. He’s sorry if the creaking sounds and doors closing are creepy. He’s not trying to freak you out but then again he always was a bit of a bull in a china shop.

Merry Christmas and thanks again for putting me here.

All my love.