Raymond Rolland (Raewyn Moore)

I feel very short of breath, like it was uncomfortable or not possible to breath at to the end only shallow breathing worked- I feel like I left a wife and children and grandchildren behind and so much love, joy and good times……..

 He says I’m glad you miss me shows you how much you did Love your old dad after all. He has a lovely caring personality with a good quiet nature – I’m not sure he was the most clever man but what’s he l lacked in brains he made up for in good old common sense. He says you’re not trusting your instincts at the moment and its time you stopped and looked at your current situation from a distance – you’re too close to it. When you let it go “I can help more” You are doing way better than you ever give yourself credit for so just remember to stop and smell the roses. I feel like Mum is always close by nowadays and when I write this he has the biggest smile on his face – he says don’t overdo it at Christmas – remember to have fun and laugh – miss you all just as much. Love Dad xxxx 


Dear Alice,Thank you so much for these words.  I am blown away as that is just how he talks.  Mum has sent messages through but never Dad and even though I am typing this in tears, it all means so much to me.

 Thank you also for the congratulations for the new baby to our family.  It is these special messages that mean so much at this particular time. Love Raewyn