Rasta Kemp (Stephanie Clark)

Hey look after my family, they were my family, they were my world, make sure everyone treats them right. You always got me and I’m grateful for that, we shared laughs and I didn’t realise just how lucky I was ‘till just recently, so cheers. You make sure my boy has all he needs please and look after my girl. I’m OK, really, I am still in shock to be honest, you really never do know when your last day will be, so live life OK, all of you. I could’ve been funnier, happier, healthier but you know what nah! Wouldn’t change a thing. Just remember me with a glass half full and I’m watching over you all. He says someone (a male) needs to lose weight, he’s laughing that I actually wrote that! He loved his ‘WIFE” in inverted commas, I really did, she’s a head case but she’s my nutcase and I’ll always love her, catch you later X