Raymond Wilkinson (Judith Voumard)

I instantly felt a bit wheezy when he steps forward, he says he’s OK, it took a while but he accepted it and got there in the end, he’s had parties like you wouldn’t believe since he left. He says when you look back even with all the hard stuff, life is a breeze. “YES, a breeze”. Then you get to see it all again and even in colour, he laughs, what a life I had he says up and down. Your life is a bit like that too, but more ups these days, I’m glad. He loves his grandkids all of them and they are doing so well no matter how much you sometimes ‘worry’ you are just like your mum, a born worrier. Yes she was a good lady, we’ve both been lucky with our partners. Look after your chest, don’t end up like me, keep it fit and lots of fresh air – oh and fishing! You can’t fish he laughs, like it’s an in joke. Just keep doing what you are good at J Well gotta go, more people to haunt and he laughs again, but it’s his way of letting you know he still looks over you and always will do and he’s brimming with pride. Lots of love Dad X