Robert (Bob) Atkinson (Kym Brown)

“Well, well, well, this is new”.

He sounds out of breath. He was a busy man who never sat still. He’s even impatient that I’m taking so long to write.  He has a few things he’d like to say.

  1. The grandchildren are amazing. They bring such joy to so many. Thank you all.
  1. Stop doubting yourself and second guessing. Your heart is always in the right place when it comes to the family.
  1. Diversify your business. Don’t have all the eggs in one basket. It doesn’t work.
  1. Early retirement. Enjoy your children. They will be gone before you know it.

He’s a very matter of fact man. Straight down to the point and don’t interrupt him. He could tell a few tall tales in his time but you all knew that and loved him anyway. He is very proud of all you have achieved but is very keen for you to rest, relax and recuperate. A holiday away from everything is exactly what’s required. He’s got a few animals with him to keep him busy.

Tomorrow never comes, live for today. He wishes he had done that more.

Merry Christmas. XX