Shane Lenton (Robyn Harvey)

He’s laughing so much that this picture shows him being up staged by birds, the feathered kind unfortunately ha ha ha.

Shane has an awesome sense of humour and a gentle kind nature. He was way too young to die way, way, way – he held on for every breath the best he could but it was too late, no one could help. Look he says it’s OK I’m cool with it now.

He’s still laughing at the bird on his shoulder – photo bombing. Thanks for putting me on here, I’m grateful and I’m grateful that I am still so much a part of your family – cheers!

I’m happy everyone is moving on with life, no point in standing still is there? He doesn’t miss hard work ha ha ha but he misses being needed and loved, well you know what he means. Tell everyone to stop by here and say Hi and tell them all I send my love and I haven’t missed one thing. He mentioned a name that sounded like Kim anyway, he says to say – get back to work and he’s always watching and listening and laughing Love Shane xxxx